Cinderella and Elsa’s transformation // parallel

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Liars + season 1

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I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

I just have v o i c e s i n m y h e a d

A journey with no end
inspired by [x]

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once upon a time + space

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That’s what darla and I call a rager. Made to stray. Mount kimbie ♥

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After three years on Teen Wolf, you’ve had your fair share of makeout scenes. What’s been your biggest revelation?
Make sure they don’t have oral herpes. We have a couple of cast members who have cold sores, and when they have outbreaks, kissing scenes legally have to be rescheduled. I am not getting mouth herpes from Teen Wolf. You can take my dignity, but you’ll not take my lack of mouth herpes.